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How to Use a Free Business Website to Revive Any Ailing Business

Now that the global recession is said to be over, there are still mixed reactions in the business community. Fortunately, businesses that are suffering the aftermath of the global recession need not lose hope – thanks to the free business website opportunity.

In today’s highly competitive marketing world, a lot of cheap but innovative ideas are the only ways to realize the full potentials of any business. Whoever is smart enough to capitalize on any opportunity would reap a good return on their investment. Having a free business website is one of the most vital assets for any business venture. It is like having a 24-hour shop open to everyone in the cyberspace-shopping-complex. Every serious-minded business owner should definitely capitalize on this almost unlimited and unique potential of the Internet marketing facilities.

Whether you are just starting out in the realm of business or your business has successfully survived the recession, or you are still struggling to keep your head above the troubled waters, the free business site facility is for you. It is cost-effective, able to address the specifics of any business venture, and it always deliver. The beauty of the free business site is in the ease of handling. This article looks at the leveraging factor, cheap publicity, favorable competition with established outfits, and international marketing opportunities as well as its potentials for breaking down traditional business barriers.

The Leveraging Factor of the Internet: The free business site is based on the Internet. It is currently the easiest and most convenient way to market any product. It helps to cover a wide area for dissemination of marketing information as well as addressing basic customer support requirements. It goes beyond the conventional scope of the traditional marketing techniques as anyone can transact business at any time and from anywhere. Once well configured, your products and services are easily purchased and any questions are easily addressed at any given time.

Cheap Advertisement and Publicity: In the conventional marketing world, it costs a lot of money to advertise and market any products. This is not so with the free business site. The cost is very low and you may even start with almost nothing while you build your business. This helps to focus your energy and resources on other aspects of the business. A good business marketing package would also ensure that some search engine optimization tools are employed which give you an advantage in reaching the needed crowd of potential customers.

Favorable Competition: A free business site could easily give you a favorable competition advantage over the traditional business models. This is because, most people with the buying power now employ the Internet to determine where and how to spend their hard-earned money before making any final buying decisions. This makes having a free business site a great asset and tool for meeting and presenting your merchandise to your customers at the point of decision-making.

International Marketing Opportunities: In using the free business site to engage your customers, you would be reaching the international markets where traditional models of marketing would be almost too prohibitive for any small business. It has been established that a huge percentage of commercial transactions take place over the Internet. That explains why even the traditional shopping complexes are investing huge amounts of money on engaging their customers. The Internet, which is a multi-trillion dollar market, is available to any size of business venture to facilitate growth, especially in the aftermath of the global economic recession.

Breaking Traditional Barriers: The free business site enables any business to break down traditional barriers of distance or proximity to potential customers, time of operation, customer feedback, among others. These are the usual constraints that have contributed to the demise of several business start-ups and small businesses in their infancy. The hurdles of survival are now easily overcome with the free business site, enabling greater percentage of success to those who employ the opportunity. Similarly, customer support and feedback are easily made available helping to bridge the link between customers and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Conclusion: The benefit of the free business site is in the shoe-string budget in which it is packaged. No matter what level your business is, you can easily subscribe to the free business site model. It is a vital necessity, as it enables your business overcome traditional hurdles while opening unprecedented avenues for greater success in your chosen niche. It can enhance growth, revive any ailing business, and can also open up a new area of commerce for you depending on your level of business venture. The opportunity offered by the free business site has been shown to be partly responsible for easy recovery of the global economic recession.

Business Ethics – Why Are They Important in Small Business?

Rarely is there the individual who does not encounter an ethical or moral dilemma at some point in his or her business life. Whether that individual is the owner of a multinational corporation, a small business entrepreneur, or a new or established employee, everyone is likely to have to face such an instance eventually. Much like a personal ethical dilemma, an individual is faced with making a decision based on how it will affect not only himself, but on how it will effect the organization as a whole. One of the major problems when dealing with an ethical dilemma in business is that individuals are often swayed by business profits and the legality of a decision.

The Institute of Business Ethics, whose slogan is “doing business ethically makes for better business”, describes the term business ethics as such.

Business ethics is the application of ethical values to business behaviour. It applies to any and all aspects of business conduct, from boardroom strategies and how companies treat their suppliers to sales techniques and accounting practices. Ethics goes beyond the legal requirements for a company and is, therefore, discretionary. Business ethics applies to the conduct of individuals and to the conduct of the organisation as a whole. It is about how a company does its business, how it behaves intrinsically.

As clear as this definition is, it is certainly open to interpretation. Therefore it must be understood that the application of business ethics to any situation is entirely subjective.

One can also understand business ethics, and ethics of any kind, as applying a sense of fairness to a situation. Even with a sense of clarity applied to the use of business ethics, reaching a just and moral decision can be a complex process for most individuals. The subject of business ethics has been a source of great debate in recent years as the heads of major (and minor) corporations are revealed as less than ethical characters both in the way they do business and in their personal conduct. However, it may be said that any individual who does not practice business ethics cannot be personally ethical even though the reverse may not also be true. Ethics in generally has a long history of applications. Centuries ago a man’s ethical practices defined who he was as an individual. However, as populations grew, the necessity for incorporating the best business practices into a company became somehow less important because there was always another customer around the corner and the owner of a business was rarely the focus of attention in a community the way he or she may have been in the past. A company’s administration took a seat in the background and hired representatives to deal with any fallout. Ethics rely on several factors, one of the most important of which is culture. Again, like the business person of the past, a culture’s ethics practices will largely depend upon the value that is placed on them. Business ethics have the unappealing conflict of often being contrary to what is legal. Often what is “right” is not necessarily what is legal, and a business must consider this conflict when making ethical judgments. Although there are many in the business world who believe that a business has no room for ethics if it is to function competitively, the numbers of corporate whistleblowers indicate that there is still room for ethics in business.

Western societies place a great deal of emphasis on success. However, in business, there are often conflicts between ethical behavior and business success. This disparity is often multiplied for the small business owner. To compete with larger businesses, it may be tempting to abandon ethics just to make an adequate profit. Additionally, the small business person is relatively autonomous in his or her decision making; he or she does not have to answer to a large employee base or a corporate governing board. It is also interesting to note that the small business leader often has his or her decisions impact a greater number of individuals than does the employee of the small business. For instance, a small business owner may have his or her decision affect his or her customer base as well as his or her employee base. The employee will likely find that his or her decision will only directly impact his or her immediate circle of coworkers. However, the pressure to succeed is both an internal and an external pressure and often leads individuals to make ethical decisions that are based more on those pressures than their own moral judgment. As consumers grow wary of those that they do business with, one must understand that there is just cause for such wariness. The cynical American consumer has learned, often the hard way, that there is little room in business for ethics. In a society where the customer used to be king, the consumer has more often than not experienced several distasteful experiences with business both large and small.

Some experts argue that any focus on profitability is bound to test the limits of ethical practices. They assert that to assume that the primary function of a business is to serve its client base in an ethical manner is idealistic and that the nature of a free economy dictates that ethics must take a back seat to increasing profits. Although it is rarely the conscious intent of a business to harm the public interest, reality dictates that the businesses ability to increase profits will determine its success. Publicly owned companies experience extra pressure in this arena. It is difficult to draw investors to a company based on its ethics. Investors are looking for a return on their investment and ethical performance does not equal dollars. There are economists that assert that, in any competitive economy, ethics are impossible to uphold; that a company can legitimately bypass ethics with the excuse that unethical practices are the only way to make a profit.

Unlike the larger corporations, the small business leader is in a unique position to shape the ethical practices of his or her business. Small businesses have a smaller employee base to police when applying ethical policies than do larger businesses. It is important to understand that, similar to the ethical dilemmas of the large corporations, although an individual surely knows the difference between the correct ethical decision and the wrong road, the choice to throw ethics to the wind is often made because the unethical choice is more profitable. This may, however, happen much less often in smaller organizations because the individual or individuals who are harmed by the unethical decision and someone is always harmed, is more visible to the small business. Major corporations and their decision making machines are often far removed from the individuals that their immoral and/or unethical decisions effect. This may make the wrong decision much easier to make.

The unique position that the small business owner is in regarding the formation of an ethics policy yields a great responsibility. A proactive business leader formulates a statement of organizational values that employees of the company are expected to embrace – at least while performing duties in the service of the company. An organizational ethics policy is an announcement to the employees, the customer base and the community as a whole that the business is prepared to conduct itself and its practices on an ethical level. Such statements invite the respect of all parties involved in doing business with such an entity. However, it is imperative that the small business owner not make the same mistake that larger organizations often do; the ethical policies that a business develops must not be in conflict with the organizational goals. It is unethical in itself to develop an ethical policy that an employee cannot possibly follow and maintain his or her employment. When faced with the decision between an ethical decision and his or her job, an employee will almost always choose the job.

Therefore the policy must be in reasonable alignment with the organizational goals of the business. It is equally important, and maybe more so, that the small business leader lead by example. Employees, especially in a smaller organization, are less likely to conduct themselves ethically if they receive implicit permission not to. The end result of such a practice is that the small business owner can be assured that he or she is conducting business in a manner that encourages the trust of his or her customers as well as his or her employees. And since consumers have become very wary of doing business with an entity they feel they cannot trust, the small business can enjoy the profits of a loyal customer base. The small business owner has an advantage over the larger corporations in that it can elicit the trust of the consumer by applying ethical business practices that give the customer the feel of an equal business relationship rather than one where the consumer buys based on need alone. There are many that believe that such practices are capable of drawing business away from the large corporate entities and back into a customer-focused business format.

Internet Business Education – Where Do I Find it?

Hello Apprentice Internet Millionaire!

So you are thinking of starting an Internet Business are you? Well welcome to the most powerful Market Place in the World, the Internet, the World Wide Web. With over 1.6 billion people online it is not surprising that this is indeed the largest market place in the world.

I’m sure that if you have found your way here then you will have no doubt done an amazing amount of research on how to start your Internet Business Education. Or, you are seriously still searching on how to get the best Education to ensure your success in your new adventure into “Internet Business Entrepreneurship”.

Whatever your reason I am glad that you stopped by, as the Internet, Business and Education are my passion and I would love to share some essential knowledge with you. Competitors are stunned at the comprehensive nature of our platform, education and resources.

Before you venture into the wonderful world of Internet Business let me share 3 critical points you need to be aware of. In my opinion if you get these three things right then you will be on your way to success. Mindset ~ Education ~ Set-Up! I call these the “Vital Statistics”

Mindset is the first vital statistic you need. Before you even think about an Internet Business you need to know and understand the real reasons behind your decision.

So many people think of the Internet as a Market Place where people can just turn up – set out their wares on the trading floor go out to play, come home at the end of the day and find a bag full of money waiting for them. Doesn’t happen! Period! At least not on your first day

So don’t expect it, no matter what anyone tells you. So, time to get your Mindset right.

If you are seriously looking for an Internet Business then Education is a must and your mindset must be…

� Yes I REALLY want to have an Internet Business!

� Yes I REALLY want my Internet Business to be successful!

� Yes I REALLY understand an Internet Business is a real business and I have to work at it!

� Yes I REALLY am prepared get educated, to learn the ropes and commit to my success!

Education is the next “vital statistic” necessary for your success. Sure some people can get on the Internet and fluke it… although I can tell you not many do and if they do it is usually very short lived.

What I can tell you for sure and certain, is that the “Internet Business” gurus that you see and hear about, are very ” Dedicated Business Owners”. They have a very clear and concise Mindset. They are not an “overnight success” story. They are men and women just like you and me and they have made it “their business” to get educated!

They made it “their business” to learn the skill sets necessary to be successful Internet Business owners.

Now for some really great news… I know many great Internet Business Entrepreneurs, that are willing to share all of their secrets of success. The wonderful thing about owning an Internet Business is that nothing is a secret… the more you share the knowledge… the more your business will grow and the more money you will make. And isn’t that what business is about at the end of the day? Work for Profit!

So, time to get your Mindset right – time to get Educated and time to Set-Up your new Internet Business.

Set-Up I call this the “Vital, vital statistic”. Many years ago when I was teaching children basic learning skills I used a very simple analogy that was easily understood. This analogy stands true for everything we ever learn and I’d like to share it with you.

It goes like this:

Q: “If you were going to build a brick wall, where would you start?”

A: At the bottom of course! Now that was pretty simple wasn’t it?

OK now each brick in our wall is a little piece of knowledge, something new that we learn each and every day. Just another brick placed in our wall of knowledge.

Q: “What happens if we miss a piece of knowledge? That brick of information needed in our wall.”

A: Simple we’d have a hole in our wall, wouldn’t we?

Q: OK, so now we have gaps in our wall ~ guess what’s going to happen?”

A: That’s right our wall of knowledge is going to fall down isn’t it?

This is such a simple lesson for all of us… we all know that education builds upon itself.

We know that we need to learn the basics and we know that we that we need to build on a solid foundation. We know that we can’t go to University before we’ve been to Kindergarten.

Yet, how often when it comes to the Internet and setting up a business, do we hear that little voice in our head saying, “I know this, I can skip this step, I don’t need to read the instructions, I can side step that part, it’s not important!”

Like I said, Set-Up is the “vital vital statistic”. Get this wrong and you have to go back and start over again, or, more importantly you get frustrated, you lose both time and money and then you truly understand the old saying “learn by your mistakes”.

So what we have covered today is the basic education principles of Internet Business.

To have a successful Internet Business you have to have the right:

� Mindset

� Education

� Set-Up

My theory is why “learn by your mistakes”, when you can learn all of the secrets, tips, tricks, strategies and “know how” from successful Internet Business Millionaires,

If you want a successful Internet Business with a built in “Education and Marketing Platform” then learn from successful “Internet Business Millionaires” and get it right the first time.

Yours in success

Pam Carroll

© Pam Carroll 2010